Wired for Pearls

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Wired for Pearls

Wired for pearls

The * painting below depicts the disciples looking up at the sky at the asention of Jesus.

12 imperfect men on a barren, hostile earth with an outrageously vast mandate; to continue what God Himself had begun. God seems to fill the clouds with hopefull expectation.

God had made Himself vulnerable to man and satan: Before Jesus’ crucifixion He explains that now is the time for judgement to come into the world and that the prince of the world will be driven out.(Jhn 12:30) Judgement for the world came just as Jesus predicted, but the full measure of judgement meant for all evil ever commited did’nt come on the planet like in the days of Noah; instead the full measure was focused on one man alone: Jesus Christ. Satan himself was given access to carry out this judgement and all the fury of satan was released against God’s Son. That God would do this for us is uncomprehensible,it is the priceless work of God.

God then gives this priceless work to mere people to continue to release. It is incredible that God trusts His children with so much.

Jesus explains how He will equip us for this work: the Holy Spirit will take all things that belong to the father and will make them known to us who believe. (Jhn 15:14,15) God has trusted us with a work that is impossible with man alone, but possible with man who hears Holy Spirit.

Understanding that we are wired to carry the pearls of heaven will alter the way we do life. It will cause us to believe God for more of His hidden treasue that He longs to release to us. As our relationship develops with Him more, so will we receive more pearls.

God’s children are recreated holy, that is why He is able to release His pearls to us. Pearls are never released to swine (unholy, not kosher) but only to those He trusts. He trusts you if you will receive His trust.

Ask Father:

Enlarge my heart and understanding to see the hope and expectation that You have in me.

“He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you. All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said The Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you”

John 16:14-15

* Painting by Rien Poortvliet from his book”He was one of us”

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  1. I was talking about this scripture with a friend today. There is nothing that Jesus holds back from us by the Holy Spirit if we all had eyes to see and ears to hear. He is speaking daily to us his wisdom, truth, love, secrets from His heart. Thank you Mandy for having a heart that hears and then transmits to us such beauty in art and in words.

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