Meet Mandy



Hello I’m Mandy:)

I love art, creating and periwinkle! My daddy helped me to paint from the time I was a little girl (He’s also an artist. Yay for me!!)




I am an author with a love – hate relationship with writing.

I write out of desperation because I have a fire to share some amazing stuff with people and putting this fire into books is a way I can release that to others.Did I mention that I love Rooibos tea?

When I was about 15 years old I encountered the greatest love of my life; Jeshua Messiah. Thats a pretty crazy experience for a Jewish gal like myself! Now this Jewish gal has become a preacher lady! Don’t you love how God calls unpredictable vessels to rock the world?:)Did I mention that I love people? There is nothing more thrilling and satisfying for me to do than to release God’s healing and freedom to people.


I was born and raised in South Africa. And in 1993 I began my live painting ministry.It all began when I saw the hopelessness of a generation broken by racial injustice and violence.I had to find a way to gain trust with wounded people and I discovered that when I painted before I preached, walls would come down. So began my ministry of combining art with preaching!

My paintings are created using all kinds of wonderful doodads…watercolors, french Inks, acrylics, metalic guttas and of course oils! I work on anything from canvas and panels to pure, gorgeous silk!  My art pieces are created while resting in His sweet presence and are often inspired by dreams and visions. I treasure these gifts as my Heavenly Father’s kisses and I hope you can feel His kisses through them too!IMG_7046

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