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‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8


I totally believe this verse!

And I believe that every man and woman would walk with God if they could just taste Him. Extreme, probably. But thats my calling; to stir people to taste Him and see for themselves that He is so sweet and good!

I believe in people

Rich people, poor people, church people, friends of Jesus people and unbelieving people.

I believe in the incredible potential of every soul.

I believe that each one is passionately loved and created for something great.

I believe these things because I believe in a God who believes in the people He has made.

I believe in God who was willing to take a chance with the whole world. I’m on His team and thats an incredible place to be!

I have had the honor of ministering with microphone and paintbrush for over twenty years from South Africa to the US and a few countries in-between!

(In case you’re wondering I do have paint on everything from my Bible and iPad to my clothes.)


One of my favorite things to do is to take the living Word of God and break it into bite size pieces to feed people, because when we understand and receive God’s word, it changes the way we think, love and live. Thats because God’s word is not text, but Spirit, truth and life, so when we understand and mix our faith with truth BAMM! We not only get a recreated life, but our entire being receives life and restoration that flows out into our homes, communities and world.

Themes that continually run through my ministry are: Releasing people into the revelation of how loved they are by Father God. Dispelling the performance lie that keeps sons and daughters trapped in powerless religion. Empowering folk to activate their hearts to hear God and step into the supernatural life.

Prophetic Art

Mandy loves to move in the prophetic and that goes really well with paint! She releases prophetic words over regions and people using paintings. Her prophetic painting is combined with her speaking and activation ministry. God has given Mandy a paintbrush as a key to open hearts and release minds to see like God sees.


Receive this Ministry into your community.

Mandy combines live Art with her teaching ministry to creatively bring God’s Love, Spirit and Word into people’s lives. She ministers at retreats, conferences, churches, schools, outreach events, womens events, and corporate gatherings.

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