“I always visualized God with a very sad face, it was only when you started painting that picture that I really felt Him saying- I love you. There was something about that picture. I can’t get it out of my head.” Pittsfield,MA


“I cannot express the amount of healing your picture has done for me”Connecticut

“Your print will be hanging in a pregnancy clinic.” MA

“They could see the beauty, awesome presence of God breathing life into a baby. I am so blessed to be part of this ministry in sharing these with others.” MA

“I will treasure your paintings forever”

“I’ve been continually moved to healing tears when I actually see the words and love put into pictures that speak deeply to me” CT

“Jesus spoke through you and I knew He was taking away a life-long stronghold in my mind that I wasn’t wanted or loved.”

”Thank-you Lord that He gave you this gift to put this message on paper.”


“Last night your painting arrived. I needed that reminder that God called my son from birth.” Connecticut

“I’ve bought this print for my newborns room.”

“Someone asked their husband to purchase it for her because they had lost a baby and this picture touched her heart. Praise The Lord that He uses us to bring peace and joy to others through your paintings.”

“A doctor bought the large one to hang in his office. He is a gynecologist!” MA

“When I saw your painting at the retreat I was set back in amazement”

“We were taken to another realm. What a beautiful Spiritual experience”

“As I sat there watching the image of Jesus emerge from your canvas, something happened to me.”


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